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Integrated Ultrasound in Management of Sepsis: Case Report

imgThis case study by Cardillo Roberto and Elnaz Rahbari indicates the usefulness of ultrasound in diagnosing sepsis by demonstrating a particular case report of a 42 years old woman. The study shows ultrasound helped evaluate hemodynamic instability, fluid status, therapeutic response, recognition of septic lesions and led to fast diagnosis of the septic source. Usage of ultrasound extends to recognition of the source of sepsis and leading to faster and more accurate treatment decisions thus reducing medical errors. There are details of the usage of echocardiography in sepsis state and the article also describes ultrasonic features of the various splenic lesions like accessory spleen, spleen cyst, splenic infarction, Splenic metastasis, Splenic abscess etc.

Read the full article published in Journal of Medical Imaging and Case Reports.

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