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Keynote Talk from CEB

Dr. Michael Dr. Michael Snyder has pioneered the use of “big data” and multiomics to advance scientific discovery and transform healthcare. His application of omics and wearables technologies to perform longitudinal profiling of people when they are healthy and ill is transforming medicine and healthcare. Indeed, his laboratory’s recent work to use smartwatches and wearables to detect illness, including infectious disease such as COVID-19, prior to symptom onset is being used by many thousands of people.

Featured Talk from the Conference

Dr. Mark Chiu, CSO, Tavotek Biotherapeutics, presented TAVO412 a novel trispecific antibody that targets and binds to c-Met, EGFR and VEGFDuring the CEB-23 meeting, Dr. Mark Chiu, CSO, Tavotek Biotherapeutics, presented TAVO412 a novel trispecific antibody that targets and binds to c-Met, EGFR and VEGF. The binding of TAVO412 to c-Met and EGFR expressed on tumor cells prevents receptor phosphorylation. This prevents the activation of both c-Met- and EGFR-mediated signaling pathways. The binding of TAVO412 to VEGF prevents both its binding to VEGF receptors (VEGFRs) and VEGF/VEGFR-mediated signaling. This inhibits the proliferation of vascular endothelial cells and prevents the growth and maintenance of tumor blood vessels, which leads to tumor cell death.

Stanford University World’s Top 2% Scientists list -2022

Plasmonic Catalysis: Heating vs. Hot ElectronsWe are happy to announce Prof Kenneth Blum, Founding President, United Scientific Group, 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, Plano, TX, is featured among World’s Top 2% Scientists list in 2022 as per the report released by Stanford University. This ranking is based on the bibliometric information contained in the Scopus database and includes more than 200,000 researchers from the more than 10 million scientists considered to be active worldwide, with 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields taken into account.

Featured Talk from the GEM:

JohnsonJohnson Research and Development (JRD) is a technology incubator company. The core technology underpinning two independent companies successfully spun off by JRD will be discussed: Johnson Energy Storage, Inc., and JTEC Energy, Inc: JTEC Energy is commercializing an entirely new engine invented by Johnson that is more efficient than existing engines. The engine converts heat directly into electricity and has no moving mechanical components and is suitable for both power generation and refrigeration. Johnson Energy Storage (JES) is developing the next two generations of disruptive rechargeable batteries...

From the Board

From the Board: Implications for Diabetic RetinopathyWe are pleased to share the news that Dr. Sayon Roy and his team at Boston University School of Medicine identified a possible new treatment for diabetic retinopathy. The study found hyperglycemic and diabetic conditions increase LOX-PP levels and promote retinal dysfunction associated with the development of vascular lesions in diabetic retinopathy. The work has been featured as Editor’s Choice article and published in September 2019 issue of The American Journal of Pathology...

Latest Research

Ketogenic Diet Meal Replacement Treatment of Obesity-Related T2DKetogenic diets are low carbohydrate diets which have been used increasingly in treating obesity. This article by Klein et al. talks about a study performed on patients with Type 2 Diabetes by treating them with classic 3:1 (Fat: carbohydrate + Protein) Ketogenic Diet with a complete meal replacement plan (CMR). The study showed that 60% of the participants achieved...

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USG-United Scientific Group is a Nonprofit [501(C)3] Scientific Organization

USG-United Scientific Group is a nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status under Section of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) of the United States of America. USG is eligible to collaborate with all government, non-government (NGOs,) non-profit academic institutions and funding agencies, which...

Report on the First International Conference on PharmScience Research & Development

USG-United Scientific Group (A Non-Profit Organization) like to extend our heart full thanks to all of our organizers, scientific committee, our sponsors, speakers and presenters for making the International Conference on PharmScience Research & Development a great success! The event was...

Report on the 3rd International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering

The 3rd International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering (GOPE-2019) brought together eminent experts of the leading institutes and organizations to share their knowledge and research findings in the development of Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering. The three-day event organized at DoubleTree...